Indian Head Massage

45mins  £40

Revitalising face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to ease muscular tension. Pressure point massage on face stimulates lymphatic drainage and can relieve sinus congestion.  Scalp massage relieves tension and increases circulation.


60mins  £30

A lack of energy and vitality is a sign of ill health or stress. Reiki is a non-intrusive and spiritual form of healing which works to restore the flow of energy to the body. Please feel free to ask for information regarding Reiki treatments.

HOPI Ear Candling

40mins  £35

The candles cause a gentle suction effect on the eardrum which can relieve the symptoms of blocked ears,  sinusitis, rhinitis and headaches.  The treatment is combined with a lymphatic drainage massage to the face.


All products used in our pregnancy treatments are 100% natural and organically produced.

Mother Nurture Pregnancy Massage

60mins  £40

Pure pampering to soothe away aches and pains to ease tiredness. Sublime Healing recognises the physical and mental demands on women as they progress through their pregnancy and offers specific treatments suitable for these different stages.

Restorative Facial

60mins  £40

Using only natural ingredients to deep cleanse and re-hydrate the skin leaving a healthy glowing complexion.


Remedial Massage

30mins £30  60mins £50

This massage can help to reduce symptoms of poor posture and related aches and pains as well as targeting problem areas caused by repetitive strain injury, sport related injury and general physical strain.

Deep Tissue Massage

30mins £30   60mins £50   90mins £75   120mins £95

A mix of oriental and occidental massage therapy that sets out to release built-up tension in the muscles. De-stressing aromatherapy oils and specific pressure massage techniques are employed to work deep into muscle fibres.

Relaxing Full or Part Body Massage

30mins £30   60mins £45 

Sumptuous massage to relax the mind and body.

Anti-stress Back Massage

75mins  £60

Melt away the tension with a therapeutic back treatment. Includes a reviving back scrub using Dead Sea salts followed by a thermal Dead Sea mud mask.  Enjoy an invigorating leg massage whilst the salt, mud and oils work their wonders. Finish with a sumptuous massage to the back, neck and shoulders.


Traditional Aromatherapy Acupressure

90mins  £65

An oriental form of acupressure, this neuromuscular massage works on the energy points stimulating nerve endings which, in turn, act on the internal organs, nerves, glands and circulatory system.

By unblocking the energy flow through the body, we can alleviate muscle contraction, promote metabolism and help to eliminate toxins by improving lymphatic drainage.

Following a consultation, oils are blended specifically to meet the needs of the client.

Hot Stone Massage

90mins  £65

A sublime treatment using hot basalt stones on the body, face and scalp for a deeply relaxing massage. Total bliss for the mind, body and spirit. Highly recommended.


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